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Family Exercise Advice

Regular exercise together with family can help keep you strong physically and emotionally, especially during challenging times. Summer season is a good time to focus on being more active, especially outdoors. Children and teens (ages six to 17) need to get at least one hour of moderateto vigorous-intensity physical activity every day, as recommended by […]

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Get Wise to Exercise

Whether you prefer a brisk walk, yoga session or bike ride, there are so many benefits to exercise. It can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers; can help improve your mental health; keeps bones and muscles strong as we age; improves sleep; and may help with weight […]

Immunity Support on Your Plate

By Cara Rosenbloom, RD If you’ve read a headline that mentions immune boosting, don’t believe the hype. The idea of boosting the immune system with supplements or specific ingredients is misleading and scientifically inaccurate.  There are many things we can do to keep our immune system running smoothly, such as getting enough sleep, being physically […]


HealthyCPA – February 2021 :: The Online Life – How Much is Too Much?

The eMagazine dedicated to improving members’ well-being The Online Life: How Much is Too Much? Heartbreakers You Can Live Without Exercise and Mood Working From Home – With Kids Food, Stress and Emotional Eating BP vs. Heart Rate – What’s The Difference? Take Action Against Distraction In each issue you will find information and inspiration […]