Sooner or later, everyone experiences disappointment in life. Maybe you didn’t get the job or raise you expected, or you are faced with an unexpected relationship breakup. Or perhaps you failed to lose weight by spring.

There are countless examples of how something we hoped for or expected didn’t work out, and the ensuing disappointment can lead to anxiety, sadness and wondering how long you’ll feel down. Fortunately, you can learn to cope with disappointment and feel better.

Tips for dealing with disappointment:

  • Let yourself feel your emotions. But don’t make important decisions until you’re calmer.
  • Move away from blaming others and over-analyzing what happened. Instead, focus on what you can control and your best move going forward.
  • Get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise daily. Healthy lifestyle choices can boost your mood and also increase your resilience in the face of disappointment.
  • Make simple choices that reinforce a positive outlook. Consciously avoid negative people, sad music and complaining to friends and family.


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