• Spouse: the plan participant’s spouse under a legally valid marriage.
  • Domestic partner: the plan participant’s domestic partner under a legally registered and valid domestic partnership.
  • Child: the plan participant’s, spouse’s or domestic partner’s natural child, stepchild, or legally adopted child.
    • Children are eligible up to the age of 26. Coverage ends on the first of the month following their 26th birthday.
    • Disabled children of eligible employees who, with appropriate medical certification, are eligible for coverage up to any age, only if they were originally enrolled before turning 26.

What forms need to be completed?

  • Form B1: Subscriber Change Request Form

When do the forms need to be submitted to Banyan Administrators?

  • The Subscriber Change Request Form must be submitted to Banyan Administrators within 31 days of the Qualifying Event. Qualifying Events include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, loss of other coverage, etc.

When is their coverage effective date? 

  • Coverage will become effective on the first of the month following the qualifying event.
  • The one exception is the birth or adoption of a child. The coverage effective date will be the date of birth or adoption. If the date of birth is on or before the 15th, the rate change will be applied that month. If it is after the 15th, the rate change will be applied in the next coverage month.

How will the change be reflected on the premium invoice?

  • The coverage tier is listed above the premium amount. E for employee only, ES for employee and spouse, EC for employee and child, ECN for employee and children, and F for family.
  • Please note that invoices are generated a month before the due date. If a change form is submitted after the invoice is generated, the change will be reflected on the following invoice. For example, a change that is submitted on July 2nd will be reflected on the September invoice.
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