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CalCPA Health is available to accounting firms in public practice or firms offering general financial services, both of which must be headquartered in the state of California.

To be eligible and retain such eligibility, more than 50% of all of the firm’s owners (principals, proprietors, partners, shareholders, or other owners) must be CPA members of CalCPA, or Associate members of CalCPA. All CPA owners must be members of CalCPA in good standing.

More than 50% of the group’s enrolled employees must reside in California.

Firms with one Eligible Employee:

If you are the only Eligible Employee (as defined on the next page), you are eligible to enroll in the CalCPA Health Vision and Dental plans.

If you would like to enroll in Medical coverage, Banyan can assist you in choosing and applying for an Individual plan through Anthem Blue Cross. Banyan would continue to be your point of contact for customer service inquiries.

Individuals must enroll during the Open Enrollment Period, or when there is a qualifying life event that creates a Special Enrollment Period. Individual Medical coverage cannot be obtained mid-year without a qualifying life event.

Employer Contribution Requirements:

An employer must contribute a minimum of 50% of the cost of employee’s medical premiums, and 100% of employee’s dental, vision, life or long term disability premiums. This does not include the cost for dependents. Payroll deduction is required for employee contributions that are withheld to pay premium costs. If an employer pays 100% of the premiums, 100% employee participation is required.