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Note to our CalCPA Health members regarding COVID-19:

Online Doctor Visits: Your CalCPA Health plan includes access to LiveHealth Online (LHO) doctors. The doctors that you will see using LHO are trained to screen for COVID-19 and make recommendations for care. LHO also enables you to schedule an online visit with mental health professionals. Through September 30, 2020, these LiveHealth online/video office visits are free of charge. Visit or the download the app to get registered.

What is LiveHealth Online?

If you are feeling under the weather but don’t have the energy or the time to go to the doctor’s office,  LiveHealth Online is a great option for you. LiveHealth Online allows you to see a doctor without an appointment, at your convenience. This  service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Doctors can answer your medical questions, make a diagnosis, and prescribe basic medications if needed (as legally permitted in certain states).

Some things to know about LiveHealth Online:

  • You will receive immediate doctor visits through live video
  • U.S. board-certified doctors to choose from (average of 15 years practicing medicine)
  • Doctors are specially trained for online visits
  • Visits are private and secure
  • Log in and talk to a doctor within minutes
  • Talk to a doctor while you are traveling (as long as the doctor you choose on LiveHealth Online is licensed to practice in the state you are in at the time)

How does LiveHealth Online work? 

LiveHealth Online is a convenient tool that allows you to talk to doctors online with a two-way video on a computer or via your handheld device by downloading the LiveHealth Online free app. All visits are private and secure.

Employees and employers can learn more about LiveHealth Online benefits by visiting the website and reviewing the FAQs.

As always, call 911 if you are having a medical emergency.

LiveHealth Online Allergy

Now LiveHealth Online Allergy can help you with those seasonal allergies and help you with those watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat. This works the same as LiveHealth Online but when you follow the prompts when signing up, select allergy.

LiveHealth Online Psychology and Psychiatry

Talk face-to-face with a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist at your convenience – from home or the office through LiveHealth Online. In most cases you can make a psychology appointment within 4 days or less and with the psychiatry visit, you will have an initial evaluation and follow-up visit. All visits are private and safe.  You will always see what you owe before you begin a visit. 

Sign up or Log in using the free LiveHealth Online app on your computer with a webcam. Next, select LiveHealth Online Psychology or Psychiatry and follow the prompts. Then you can schedule an appointment online or by calling 1-888-548-3432.

Note, online counseling is not appropriate for all kinds of problems. If you are in crisis or have suicidal thoughts, it is important to seek help immediately. (National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 / if you have an emergency, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room as LiveHealth Online does not offer emergency services).

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Download the free app today to have a doctor by your side 24/7.