CalCPA Health COVID-19 Programs

CalCPA Health continues to monitor the COVID‐19 situation and will provide regular updates via our web site. The follow list provides a brief outline of the programs that CalCPA Health has implemented in response to the pandemic. Please contact

  1. Employee Assistance Program during the COVID‐19 pandemic
    To support our members with behavioral health and emotional wellness during COVID‐19, all CalCPA Health medical members now have access to an Employee Assistance Program (via Anthem’s website link below) which provides COVID‐19 tools and informational resources. Access to this EAP will be available until the end of the national emergency.

  2. COVID‐19 Digital Tools and Resources
    To help our members cope with the many challenges that COVID‐19 presents, the following suite of digital tools and resources are available to all CalCPA Health medical members via the Anthem Member Site at

    • Sydney Care: delivers personalized engagement and real-time access to health information, telehealth services, and AI‐driven symptom checker
    • Family Caregiver Support (via Ianacare): a free mobile app, consumers can mobilize personal social circles of friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to coordinate practical help with everyday needs
    • Symptom Assessment: Find out what your symptoms may mean by answering five quick questions. This tool uses guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
    • COVID‐19 Testing Site Finder: Search by address, city or zip code to quickly locate a testing facility.
    • Family Caregiver Support (via Ianacare): a free mobile app, consumers can mobilize personal social circles of friends, family, coworkers and neighbors to coordinate practical help with everyday needs
    • Mental Health Resources (via PsychHub): COVID‐19 mental health resource hub
    • Social Care Network (via Aunt Bertha): a leading social care network, which helps connect individuals and families to free and reduced‐cost social services in their communities.Log into your Anthem profile at and click on “coronavirus COVID‐19”.
  3. LiveHealth Online
    Effective 1/1/2022, CalCPA Health offers LiveHealth Online to our members with $0 copay/coinsurance (applicable calendar deductible would apply). Members who think they may be infected or have been exposed can benefit from telehealth services that allows them to get care without the risk of spreading the virus. LiveHealth Online connects our members with in-network doctors through a live video chat on their phone, tablet, or computer. Doctors on LiveHealth Online are trained to screen for COVID‐19 and make recommendations for care.

  4. Testing and Vaccines
    In accordance with the CARES Act, member cost share amounts have been waived for COVID‐19 all FDA‐approved testing and vaccine during the public health emergency.

    • Covered with no cost share from network and non‐network providers
    • All FDA‐approved testing and vaccines are covered
      • Home Test Kits are covered through the medical plan
        • PPO/HSA: Members are eligible for reimbursement of up to 8 tests per month. Members must submit a claim form with a receipt and UPC code from testing box.
        • HMO: Members can order kits through Anthem Member Care or their Sydney App.
    • See COVID-19 Information and FAQs for details
  5. Prescription Drugs
    CalCPA Health is encouraging everyone to convert their prescriptions to mail order, to reduce exposure by visiting pharmacies and to save member cost (mail order copays and drug costs are less than retail pharmacies). A retail prescription can be changed over to mail with a few clicks on the Express Scripts web site or app. Doctors can also electronically write new prescriptions directly to the mail order pharmacy.
    For those with a need for an early refill or 90‐day supply at the retail pharmacy CalCPA Health has authorized pharmacists to provide this service. Many drugs are excluded from this program due to state/federal laws and supply, so check with your pharmacist.

V2 – 2022.0117

Letter from CalCPA Health’s CEO regarding the COVID-19 situation

Dear CalCPA Health member:

Please note the following regarding the Covid‐19 situation.

  1. CalCPA Health is fully open and operational. While some of our team are affected by the shelter‐in‐place orders, a few years ago, we developed a business continuity program for this type of event, and it is currently working as planned. All customer service lines are available to serve your needs:
Banyan Administrators

CalCPA Health administrators who serve as your health care concierge; coordinating on behalf of member/HR/broker to address administrative, claims or customer service issues.

(877) 480‐7923
Anthem Blue Cross

Dedicated customer service department for all CalCPA Health medical plans (claims and medical management).

(888) 209-7847
Express Scripts (PPO/HSA members)

Prescription drug claims and customer service for CalCPA Health PPO/HSA plans.

Customer Service: (877) 659‐5144
Home Delivery: (866) 297‐1013
IngeniorRx (HMO members)

Prescription drug claims and customer service for the CalCPA Health HMO plans.

Customer Services: (833) 261‐2465
Home Delivery: (833) 203‐1739
  1. Online Doctor Visits – LiveHealth Online Reminder: Your CalCPA Health plan includes access to LiveHealth Online doctors. The available online services have recently expanded, if you have a medical need that is covered by this program, it may be a good way to obtain medical services during this time. Visit or download the app to get registered.
  2. Covid-19 tests: If you have symptoms and/or believe you were exposed, you should call your doctor for instructions on how to proceed. Our understanding is medical facilities are requesting people not just show up; calling ahead allows your provider to guide you to the appropriate care without risking exposure to others in the waiting room. At this writing, tests are available through a doctor in accordance with current federal guidelines.
  3. Prescription Drugs: For most on‐going prescriptions you can save the trip to the pharmacy (and money) by using the home delivery service. It is typically easy to change a retail Rx over to home delivery with a few clicks on the app or website.

CalCPA Health is committed to providing your health‐care and health insurance needs during these unprecedented times. COVID‐19 information is very fluid, timely updates are available at


Ron Lang
CalCPA Health

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