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Smart Sipping

Sugar-sweetened beverages have become the single greatest source of calories and added sugars in the American diet. We consume lots of sugar-rich sodas, fruit drinks, iced tea and energy drinks, and that’s problematic because overconsumption is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. How much sugar is too much? The […]


HealthyCPA – April 2021 :: Get Wise to Exercise

The eMagazine dedicated to improving members’ well-being Get Wise to Exercise Dealing with Disappointment Family Separation Abroad During COVID-19 Alcohol: What You Need to Know Cook It Up With Herbs and Spices Spring Cleaning: Using Chemicals Safely In each issue you will find information and inspiration to help you with your health and wellness goals.

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Important Health Plan Information

by Ron Lang, CEO of CalCPA Health This time of the year, with most firms renewing their employee benefit plans, there is a big uptick in questions regarding managing health plans. For CalCPA members, CalCPA Health is an available resource; our tag line is “we answer questions for your firm, your clients and your family” […]

Anthem Blue Cross Providing Relief for its Health Plan Members Impacted by Historic Wildfires and Unprecedented High-Winds

Anthem Blue Cross is taking steps to help their California members and emergency personnel impacted by wild fires. If you live anywhere in California, here’s what you should know: More information for Anthem Blue Cross members. https://www.anthem.com/ca/blog/member-news/help-for-members-impacted-by-wild-fires-in-california/ These relaxed guidelines were previously effective from October 11, 2019 through November 10, 2019 for impacted members in […]