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For questions or to enroll, please call Banyan Administrators at 877-480-7923 or email.

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Search for Anthem Blue Cross Individual Plan Providers

To complete your search for Anthem Blue Cross individual providers, you will need to enter the plan name as shown at the top left of the Summary Benefit Comparison or the top left of the applicable rate sheet. You should always confirm participation in the network with your provider or by calling Anthem at 1-866-791-5538.

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Please note: When you click to search for Anthem Blue Cross providers, you will be taken to a Anthem Blue Cross of California web site.


Employer Eligibility

CalCPA Health is available to accounting firms and firms offering general financial services. Solo practitioners (a CPA practicing on his/her own with no other employees) are eligible to apply. To be eligible and retain such eligibility, more than 50% of all the Employer’s owners (i.e., principals, proprietors, partners, shareholders or other owners) must be CPAs or Associate members of CalCPA in good standing. If you are a CPA and not a member of CalCPA, click here to see how you can join. All employers deemed to be part of an affiliated group under Internal Revenue Code Sections 414 (b), (c), or (m) are considered to be a single employer.

Solo practitioners applying for medical coverage are subject to underwriting and coverage may be denied based on the individual’s health history.

Employee Eligibility

Active, regular full-time solo practitioners working at least 20 hours (or 30 if elected by the employer) per week are eligible for coverage.

Dependent Eligibility

Eligible dependents include a lawful spouse, domestic partner, and dependent children through age 25. Disabled children of eligible employees who, with appropriate medical certification, are eligible for coverage at any age. Children of domestic partners are eligible.