Pay Online

If you are enrolled in Online Electronic Billing, the link to the new system can also be found by visiting eBenefits Billing.

If you have any questions or to enroll in Electronic Billing, please contact Banyan Administrators at (877) 480-7923, or via at

Before proceeding to the online payment center you will need to have your client code and your latest premium invoice. Please note that payments may only be made from your checking or savings account. We are sorry, but we cannot accept credit card payments at this time.

Make Payment through the NEW Online Bill Pay Center

To proceed please accept the following statement:

IMPORTANT: If your coverage has been terminated due to non-payment, submission of payment online does not constitute acceptance and does not guarantee reinstatement. Reinstatement of coverage is at the sole discretion of the Group Insurance Trust and requires a written request for reinstatement before approval will be considered. Please contact Banyan at (877) 480-7923 or to request reinstatement.

I understand the above reinstatement terms and wish to continue.