Anthem Blue Cross knows that your personal information should stay that way – personal. That is why they have taken industry-leading steps to help keep your information safe. Anthem entered a partnership with AllClear ID so that as of January 1, 2016, all CalCPA Health plans include this feature at no additional cost to the member. Through this partnership with Anthem and AllClear ID, all CalCPA Health members have access the following services:

  • AllClear Identity Repair– is automatically available to our eligible health plan members with no enrollment required. If you become a victim of identity theft, an AllClear investigator will act as your guide and advocate from start-to-finish until the issue is resolved.
  • AllClear Credit and Identity Theft Monitoring – is an extra layer of protection that helps you stay informed of your credit activity. They’ll send alerts when banks and creditors open new accounts in your name. If something doesn’t sound right, you’ll be able to contact them right away.

AllClear Identity Repair is currently in place and should members become a victim of identity theft, members need to notify AllClear and if needed, an AllClear investigator will assist to resolve the issue.

CalCPA Health members who would like to enroll in the monitoring service may request a redemption code by entering their information at and a redemption code will be emailed to them once they have been confirmed as a CalCPA Health member. With the redemption code, members would create an account with AllClear at no cost to them.