Q: Why isn’t our latest payment/enrollment change reflected on our bill?
A: Bills are generated as early as the 2nd of the previous month. Ex: If your payment or enrollment change request is not processed before July 2nd, it will be reflected on the September bill.

Q: How do I change an employee’s name or contact information?
A: Employee changes should be submitted on the Subscriber Change Request Form (B1). We cannot process these changes over the phone.

Q: How do I change the company’s contact information?
A: If you need to change your billing address, contact phone number or group contact name, changes should be submitted on the Subscriber Change Request Form (B1). We cannot process these changes over the phone.

Q: What happens if my firm splits or merges, and we change our Federal Tax ID Number?
A: If a group’s Tax ID changes, they are considered a new group and must re-apply for coverage.

Q: Can we print ID cards and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) online?
A: The employee can register for an online account at the carrier websites listed on the contact sheet. They can print ID cards and view claim information online. Firm administrators and employers do not have access to employee information.

Q: Whom should I call if an employee has a question or problem regarding a medical claim?
A: The customer service unit at Anthem Blue Cross should be able to address the member’s claims issues and/or questions. They can be reached at 888-209-7847 (PPO & HSA Plans) or 800-227-3641 (HMO Plans). If the employee still needs assistance with a claims issue after contacting Anthem Blue Cross, please contact Banyan Administrators at 877-480-7923. If you have received an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from Anthem Blue Cross, please have that information available when you call.

Q: Why is the pharmacy telling a covered employee that they don’t have coverage?
A: The employee may be using their Anthem ID card which is only for medical coverage. If they do not have their Express Scripts ID card for prescription coverage, they should call Express Scripts at 877-659-5144. If they are using the correct ID card, please call Banyan.

Q: How do I check to see which doctors are in our network?
A: See the page in this guide titled “Finding a Doctor in the CalCPA Health Medical Networks”.