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Make more informed medical decisions and get better care.

CalCPA Health is pleased to offer this valuable benefit at no cost to CalCPA Health members and covered dependents!

Making decisions about your health can be difficult, whether it’s a minor concern or something more serious. ConsumerMedical understands, and they’re here to help. You can turn to ConsumerMedical for guidance on any health concern you or your covered dependents may face. ConsumerMedical can help you:

  • Understand any medical condition and all available treatment options
  • Find the most qualified doctors and top-rated hospitals in your area and insurance network
  • Get a second opinion from elite specialists across the country, either in person or virtually for complex cases
  • Ask your doctor the right questions
  • Cope with the stress of having a medical condition

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to get free, expert guidance for any medical condition.


Monday – Friday, 5:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Pacific

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Be in the know before you say yes to surgery.

Sometimes, surgery is the best option. Sometimes, it’s not. If you’re considering surgery, ConsumerMedical can help you weigh the risks, benefits and alternative treatment options that could work best for YOU.

Non-surgical treatment options often work just as well as lower back surgery, hip or knee replacement, weight loss surgery or hysterectomy. If you’re already having discussions with your doctor about one these surgeries, you may qualify for a $400 gift card just for participating in the program. Call 1-888-361-3944 for details.

To view educational webinars from ConsumerMedical, visit the On Demand Library where you have access to topics such as “Preventing and Treating Knee and Hip Injuries” and “What to do When you Get a Diagnosis”.

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